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XLR8 Extra Large Adjustable Recliner Chair

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After testing many chair's we wanted to produce a luxury one for today's mobile angler.

We searched for the best materials and most comfortable padding to produce what we firmly believe to be the best all round chairs on the market.

The XRL8 Recliner is extremely durable & functional and provides an enhanced degree of protection from the elements.

Extra padded high back with super soft pillow will stop all cold winds whipping round your head and neck that can make for a very uncomfortable day's fishing.

The chair comes with adjustable legs allowing you to have a flat surface whatever the terrain below.

The outer cover made from our own unique 'Ultra-Core' Material, which is harder wearing, tougher, stronger, easier to clean and lighter than any other used on other bed chairs.

Inner padded seat covers made from high grade foam and covered with super soft fleece to keep you warm.

We have also used the optimum amount of padding to provide thermal protection from the elements without making it weigh a ton!

There is no doubt this is the most comfortable lightweight recliner chair on the market!

  • Multi point recliner system
  • Ultra padding for extra comfort
  • Fully adjustable legs with swivel and fold flat mud feet
  • Extra large for extra comfort
  • Ligthweight frame only 7kgs

    Height: 114cmWidth: 69cmHeight of seat from ground: 30cmWEIGHT: 7KG

    foldedwidth: 69cmdepth: 22cmlength: 76cm
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