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Stalk-Lite MkII Lightweight Chair


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This is the new Cyprinus Stalk-Lite MkII Stalking Chair

A top quality lightweigh chair - now with adjustable back rest!

Here is what Andrew Kennedy said of the chair recently on Fishing Magic...

The lightweight design of this chair belies its strength. I weigh the best part of 15 stone and I must admit that I’ve broken a couple of aluminium stalking chairs in the past. These broke due to insufficient weld on the leg joints, which was presumably a weight-saving measure. The thing is, it’s pointless having a chair which is lightweight if you can’t sit on it because it’s given up on you!

I’m from an engineering background, so I know when something’s been put together well. The welds on the tubular steel frame were the first things I checked on the Stalk-Lite chair and I’m pleased to say they are definitely up to the task.

Comfort is another big positive the Stalk-Lite brings. Unlike stalking chairs I’ve had in the past, the main chair base and back has foam padding stitched into it, rather than a single skin of fabric. This makes it far more pleasant to sit on, especially if your ‘stalking’ ends up keeping you in one swim for an extended length of time.

I found it great for sessions where I wasn’t stalking, per-se, but I might end up moving two or three times, such as after-work summer river sessions. It’s light and compact enough to be carried around when you need to pack light without compromising a bit of luxury.

An added bonus I discovered, which I doubt was in either manufacturer’s design brief, is that the Stalk-Lite actually clips into a Korum ruckbag in exactly the same way that their own chairs do, making it my combo of choice when I have to get a large amount of gear to a remote river swim.

This is the improved, mark II design which - unlike most stalking chairs which simply have hinging backs - features a multi-position reclining back-rest controlled by two large, rubberised, comfortable hand-wheels which are easy to operate with wet or cold hands.

Of course, the legs are also adjustable and although they don’t incorporate the heavier ‘infinitely-adjustable’ design, with six notches in the front legs and five in the rear they provide adequate adjustment for all but the lumpiest banks.

The legs also rise high enough for people with long legs such as myself; some stalking chairs are so low that if I sat down in one I would struggle to get back up in time to hit a run!

When folded, the chair measures a compact 640 x 555 x 190 mm and on my scales it weighs exactly 4 Kg (or 8lb in old money).

This chair looks smart too, with its very high quality, classic dark green fabric which is thick and seems like it should be very hard-wearing. It’s finished off with a bold embroidered logo detail, so you’ll look the part on the bank too.

Whilst there are slightly lighter (inevitably more expensive) chairs on the market, the materials, build quality and features of the Stalk-Lite set it apart. I doubt that you’ll find a better value chair which brings the elements of strength, light weight and comfort.