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Magnetix 60" Oval Brolly, Infill Panel & Overwrap


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Note that this bivvy has the new Hydro-Tec® fabric - twice as good as any other on the market in this price range!

Made with the new updated Hydro-Tec® fabric - this is the most water and weather proof material on the planet! And with its new Magnetic-Link pole technology, this is a game changer...

The all-singing, all-dancing, all-season bivvy, the Cyprinus Magnetix is a shelter you can rely on all year round. Made from our renowned Hydro-Tec® material, its strength lies in its versatility.

The Cyprinus Magnetix can be completely stripped down for spring/summer fishing, but with the addition of the removable infill panel (combo option only), this transforms it into a bivvy that will protect you from the worst of the winter weather... what more could you ask for? The new Cyprinus Magnetix Bivvy features new and upgraded Hydro-Tec® fabric, upgraded black powder coated poles and the new revolutionary Magnetic-Link pole technology, which means snapped pole elastics will be a thing of the past.

The new Hydro-Tec® fabric used for this product has reached a hydrostatic head of over 10000mm / H20 (mbar) in tests by an independent testing laboratory.

Hydrostatic definition

In simplistic terms it is the best way to accurately measure the "water proofness" of any material. Rain resistance is measured as a hydrostatic head in millimetres (mm). This indicates the pressure of water needed to penetrate any material. The hydrostatic head is determined in a simple way, by placing a tube onto a piece of the fabric to be tested. Water is then gradually added until it forces its way through the material. Just before the water breaks through the fabric is the hydrostatic head measurement.

Materials with a hydrostatic head of 1000 mm or less are best described as shower resistant, with 1500 mm being usually suitable for casual family camping in the summer months. Tents for year-round use (including winter) generally have at least 2000 mm; expedition tents intended for extreme conditions are often rated at 3000 mm.

Magnetic-Link pole technology

The black powder coated poles now come with extra strong adjustable magnetic tipped poles which simply "clunk" into place, allowing for even quicker set ups.

Product Features.

The Magnetix Brolly comes with a front infill panel, which can completely zip off, allowing wide panoramic views, while the Magnetic-Link pole technology pole system allows the bivvy to be assembled and dismantled in super-quick time.

  • Upgraded Hydro-Tec® fabric with a hydrostatic head of over 10000mm / H20 (mbar)
  • Features a compact space saving 8 rib design to give maximum space inside the 60” frame.
  • Magnetic-Link pole technology
  • Upgraded black powder coated poles
  • Magnetic-Link pole technology for quick set up and pack down
  • Supplied with mozzie net
  • Clear Velcro'd removable window
  • Full removable Hydro-Tec® infill front panel
  • Zipped door
  • Modular system for all-season maximum versatility
  • Interlocking frame support system
  • 2 Front velcroed rod straps
  • Clear window
  • Groundsheet included
  • T-pegs
  • Zipped heavy duty carrybag
  • Depth 60", Width 90", Height 60"