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Cyprinus ® Mozzy Mesh For The Trakker ® Tempest ® Brolly V2

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This Cyprinus® Mozzy Mesh is specifically designed for use with the Tempest® v1, Tempest® v2, Tempest® Air, and Tempest® Air v2 shelters. The clip-on mesh shroud design is the ideal tool for keeping insects and bugs out of insect panel shrouds designed to keep insects and bugs out of your Tempest®, whilst maintaining good airflow and an unrestricted view from the bivvy.


  • Insect Panel specifically designed for use with the Tempest® v1, v2, Air and Air v2 bivvies
  • Easy to fit, simply slip on and peg out
  • Tie-backs for door and side panels
  • Heavy-duty T-pegs Supplied
  • Drawcord top carry bag
Accessories made by Cyprinus®  specifically made to fit the Trakker® range of products.  All materials used are the same as the original Trakker® products and all products have been checked for compatibility. *TRAKKER/TEMPEST is a registered trademark of Cipher
International Limited. Use of this trademark does not imply any affiliation with or
endorsement by Cipher International Limited.