Cyprinus Tardis Bivvy & Overwrap Combo Deal 1 Man

£399.99 £189.99

Cyprinus Tardis 1 man pram hood carp fishing bivvy

Sleek, well-designed and practical, the Tardis Bivvy sets a new benchmark in its class, with a two-rib system that has been designed to maximise internal space and weight reduction.

The rear of the bivvy has a flat profile, enabling you to position the bedchair further back, thus creating more room for the rest of the gear.

Because the poles only have two breaks, setup and pack-down time is greatly reduced.

As with all Cyprinus bivvies, the Tardis is a quality product from the ground upwards.

Product Features:

  • Waterproof to 5000mm HH
  • Two-rib, two-break system
  • Lightweight and quick to assemble
  • Available in one-man and two-man versions
  • Flatback design for more internal space
  • Pram hood design
  • Interlocking frame-support system
  • Sides can be rolled back and clipped in place
  • Clear window
  • Roll-up mozzie window in the door
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet that pegs down
  • Heavy-duty T-pegs
  • Zipped carry bag 

  • Dimensions:

    W260cm x D205cm x H122cm

    Transport size: L145cm x W22cm

    Weight: 5.3kg

    Overwrap Features (included)

  • Waterproof to 5000mm HH
  • Extended Wrap for the Tardis Bivvy models
  • Available in one-man and two-man versions
  • Roll-up mozzie window in door
  • Reduces condensation and increases bivvy heat retention
  • Creates porch area in front of bivvy
  • Sides can be rolled back and clipped into place
  • Heavy-duty T-pegs
  • Zipped carrybag


  • W260cm x D240cm x H122cm