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Cyprinus ® Overwrap for the Fast & Light Brolly Mk3 DPM

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Perfect if you want to use your Fast and Light brolly year-round, without wanting to go to the full extent of getting a whole new system! This overwrap’s primary function is to fully convert your system into a full-fronted shelter, with minimal effort and adding an invaluable extra layer of protection.

This wrap really does make a big difference, especially in the colder months of the year. In addition to converting your system into a full-fronted shelter, it also covers layers that are susceptible to condensation. Obviously, this is hugely beneficial to the brolly shelter, but in addition to this it adds an entirely new layer to your brolly, so you’ve now got that extra bit of insulation against the cold, and can get on and enjoy your angling experience.

⭐ Performance grade HYDROTEC® fabric
⭐ Fits with all previous fast & light brollies
⭐ Pegging points and pegs included
⭐ Lightweight carry case included
⭐ Weight: 2kg (3kg with pegs)
⭐ Carry bag included


Performance grade HYDROTEC® fabric 20,000HH

Weight: 2kg (3kg with pegs)