Cyprinus Memory Foam Fishing Bedchair + Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag Combo

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Combo Luxury Bedchair and Sleeping Bag Combo Deal

Cyprinus™ Memory Foam Bedchair

This is a pure luxury product, which won’t improve your angling skills, but if you’re set up beside a lake for a few nights at a time, the memory foam extra bedchair will certainly help you stay better rested and a better rested angler is a sharper, clearer thinking angler, so it could indirectly help you catch a few more!

I don’t very often have the free time to put in long stints myself, but even I felt the difference that a night on a bedchair of this quality can make.

The dimensions of the bedchair when folded-away are:Width = 80 cm / 31.5” Depth = 28 cm / 11” Length = 84 cm / 33”

The dimensions of the mattress when packed-away are:Width = 53.5 cm / 23” Depth = 15 cm / 6” Length = 79 cm / 31”

Dimensions of the bed sleeping surface:Length = 213 cm / 84” Width = 82.5 cm / 32.5”

Max/Min base height off the floor: Min = 30 cm / 12” Max = 44 cm / 17.5”

Weight of main bed = 10.16 Kg / 22lb 6oz Weight of mattress = 2.5 Kg / 5lb 8oz

Cyprinus™ Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag

5 star living on the bank

Experts said it was impossible to get a pro, proper 5-season sleeping bag without a payday loan. But hail the new Cyprinus™ Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag

Every time you load the motor ready for your trip on the bank, there are literally stacks of items key to that session being a successful and perhaps, more importantly, a pleasant one. In other words: there are those items of kit that your catch-rate depends on – sharp hooks etc. – and those that your enjoyment, and sometimes sanity, rely upon. A good shelter is one and a decent sleeping bag to prevent you from freezing your balls off in winter or sweating like you’re dressing in a neoprene onesie in the summer is another. Alternating between two bags has often been the money-burning answer so what you really need is a bag that can cover every stage of the year. Enter the Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag from Cyprinus™…