Maxus MKII 2 Man Bivvy with Overwrap

£699.99 £249.99

The Cyprinus Maxus Bivvy MKII COMBO DEAL - Includes Overwrap

This bivvy has evolved from the original Maxus bivvy which sold in bucket loads, however this version comes with a few minor differences, designed primarily to keep the price down.

If price matters but you still want a bivvy designed to second as a war bunker then you need to look no further as this beast has the lot. It literally can handle any thing that is thrown at it with ease.

When coming to set up, the options are equally stunning. As can be seen from the pictures this can be set up in many different ways, to fit the weather, the location or simply just your mood.

You can even move the main sleeping area back to provide a porch and foot protection.

All in all this is a superb bivvy and one we expect to sell by the truck load.


  • Includes Overwrap
  • 20,000mm Hydro static head
  • Velcro rod support
  • Velcro heavy duty ground sheet
  • Ability to push back the front allowing for a peak shelter
  • Top quality Hydrotec material
  • All poles, pegs included

    Internal dimensions:

    Height = 150cm
    Width = 280cm
    Depth = 365cm

    Dimensions when packed away in the carry bag:

    Length = 150cm / 59”
    Diameter = 35cm / 13.75”
    Weight = 37lb 6oz / 17kg
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