Cyprinus ® K2 Bivvy & Overwrap Combo Deal 2 Man

£749.99 £339.99


Bivvy & Overwrap Combo Deal

Key Features

  • Comes complete with Overwrap
  • Super strong 20,000mm HH Hydrotec material
  • Ultimate all-weather protection and durability
  • Comes with clip-in vapour shield
  • Comes with a clear PVC window
  • Eliminates condensation whilst maximising internal space
  • Sturdy 3 rib, 4 pole system with extended peak
  • Wide-gauge black powder-coated aluminium pole system
  • Rock steady pegging points in all conditions
  • Rear panel designed to maximise internal floor space
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet with elastic pegging points
  • Fully removable zip-out front panel
  • Heavy-duty black Mozi-mesh panels
  • Windows with zip down blinds
  • Dual zipped doors for letterbox opening
  • Reinforced webbing pegging points with stainless steel D-rings
  • Supplied with pegs & heavy duty zipped carry case
  • 4 x Velcro rod retaining straps
  • Bivvy Dimensions: H 140cm X W 250cm X D 250cm
  • Weight: 16.8kg

If you’re an angler who likes to go fishing with company, whether that’s with a loved one or with another angler in a huge continental swim, this is the perfect bivvy for you. The Cyprinus ® K2 Two Man Bivvy is able to offer you buckets of internal space, which is ideal for the angler who is going on long sessions and needs storage space for all their gear. The bivvy is built on the same exacting credentials as the K2 One Man, this time with a bigger footprint that can comfortably accommodate two bedchairs back to back, whilst still leaving buckets of space for movement. The bivvy has a unique square design, with both a width and depth of 250cm. This means that there are no awkward areas of the bivvy where it is impossible to fit your gear and it enables you to utilise the space you have perfectly. The bivvy is 140cm tall, which gives it a low profile that still enables you to sit comfortably on your bedchair.

One of the biggest benefits of the K2 Two Man Bivvy is that, despite its size, it is very quick and simple to erect. Layout the groundsheet and place the bivvy on top of it. Connect up all the bivvy poles and ribs and then clip the bivvy on the groundsheet and fasten the tension strap. Peg in the rear of the bivvy. Due to the pram hood style of the ribs, simply pull the front rib of the bivvy forwards and the other ribs will follow in a concertina style. You can then go round and peg in the rest of the bivvy. Uniquely, the K2 Two Man Bivvy comes with its own vapour shield. This is ideal for use in the coldest winter months as it practically eliminates the risk of condensation built up on the inside of the bivvy. However, you can use the bivvy without the vapour shield clipped in, if you want a quicker setup or you’re fishing in the hot summer months. If you do require the vapour shield, this is the point at which you would clip it in. Finally, you can zip on the front face of the bivvy and peg it into position. It really is as simple as that.

Because the bivvy comes with a zip-in front, you can use it as an open fronted shelter for a shorter session. The front of the K2 Two Man Bivvy has one large door and two windows. You have the option of using the windows with either the solid green panel or mozzie mesh vents. This means you can perfectly customise your bivvy to the conditions on the bank. For example, should you be angling on a hot summer evening, you can use the black mozzie mesh panels on the front and rear of the bivvy to ensure that you enjoy a cooling breeze whilst also being protected from the nasty bites of bankside bugs. In really miserable conditions, you can use the door in a letterbox function, allowing you to retain your panoramic view over the water whilst keeping protected from the very worst of the weather.

The K2 Two Man Bivvy utilises Cyprinus ®'s specially designed Hydrotec 20,000HH fabric. This is means that the bivvy is practically impenetrable in even the most torrential of downpours. As a final feature, the bivvy is fitted with four rod retaining straps, ensuring that you have somewhere safe to store your rods whilst rigging up.