Cyprinus K2 60" Brolly System 20,000HH

£329.99 £199.99
  • 20,000mm HH Hydrotec material
  • Supplied with clip in vapour guard to eliminate condensation
  • Heavy duty zip in groundsheet
  • External Rain Guard System
  • Features magnetix magnetic storm pole connectors
  • Excellent headroom
  • Fully taped seams all over
  • Zip-off front with a 2-way door system
  • Large Mozi vents with PVC window option
  • Cyprinus easy-grip zip pullers
  • Supplied with 4 storm poles and a support bar
  • 4 x storm screws
  • 4 x Cyprinus Velcro rod retaining straps
  • Heavy duty pegs
  • Comes in a heavy duty zip bag
  • Dimensions: W 255cm x D 205cm
  • Weight: 11.8kg

This is the perfect hybrid between a brolly and a bivvy, combining an open fronted brolly system with a full-fronted bivvy system, allowing you to tackle the bank in the height of summer and depths of winter.


The Cyprinus K2 60" Brolly System is manufactured from high quality 20,000mm hydrostatic head Hydrotec material. This is a special material designed for both its waterproof and breathable qualities, ensuring that the risk condensation is at an absolute minimum. A clip in vapour guard, which is supplied with the system, adds additional protection and eliminates condensation entirely. It also adds an effective second skin to your bivvy, which is perfect for the colder months too. There is nothing worse than being damp on the bank, as it slowly leeches the heat from your skin and makes it impossible to remain comfortable on a cold day. Preventing damp from condensation is just as important as preventing damp from the rain and with the Cyprinus K2 60" Brolly System you never have to worry about either ruining your long-awaited carp fishing session.


The Cyprinus K2 60" Brolly System is manufactured on a classic brolly setup, ensuring that it is quick and easy to erect. It has also been designed in order to maximise the internal space relative to the footprint of the system, with dimensions of 225cm (width) x 205cm (depth). This ensures that you can comfortably fit your bedchair, cooking equipment, and other luggage items, inside the system, whilst still providing a compact enough setup to squeeze into the tightest UK swims. The flat back design of the system further aids this whilst also allowing you to set up your bedchair as near to the rear of the bivvy as possible – maximising the space in the front of the system for the rest of your vital gear.


The Cyprinus K2 60" Brolly System can be used as either an open-faced brolly or a closed fronted system. This gives you a huge amount of versatility on the bank and both setups are equally speedy to erect. For the open-faced setup, simply screw in the central pole in order to raise the main brolly. Insert the front storm poles and clip in the back loops – already you’ll have something that looks like top quality brolly system. You can then remove the central pole and replace it with the brolly light clip. Not only does this provide structural integrity to the system, holding the ribs in the perfect position, as well as additional space, but it also provides a place for you to attach your light – ideal for night-time angling. Next, you can screw in the central storm poles (doing any repositioning that you require at this moment too) and you can also insert the tightening inner rods. This whole process takes a little over three minutes, with practice. You really can’t ask for a setup that is much quicker than that!


Modifying the Cyprinus K2 60" Brolly System into a closed fronted system is as equally easy. Simply zip on the front main panel and peg in the front loops. You’re good to go! The door in the front panel offers the option of either a clear PVC window, a mozzy-mesh vent, or a standard Armatek finish. The door has dual zips, enabling its operation in a letterbox style, which is ideal in the nastiest bankside conditions. In fact, this is a brolly system that has been designed for the session angler who likes to hit the bank in the most severe conditions.