Cyprinus ® Dpm4 Bunker Compact 1 Man Carp Fishing Bivvy Shelter + Wrap Bundle Deal

£599.99 £399.99

Key Features


  • Made with our DPM4 Rip-Stop Camou Fabric - The best on the market bar none.
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight Aero grade flexible aluminium poles
  • Hydrostatic head of 20,000mm
  • Three-door panel options
  • Mozzy Mesh
  • All door options feature double zips so they can be used letterbox style
  • The front is fully removable
  • Allows you to convert it into a lightweight open front shelter
  • Adjustable tension strap to lower the profile
  • Polyester tension straps
  • Adjustable front pegging points to create a completely flat fronted shelter
  • Rod straps on the front for securing your rods when rebaiting etc.
  • Internal mesh pockets, ideal for storing your receiver
  • Supplied with support poles, heavy-duty pegs and groundsheet
  • Comes supplied in an oversized carry bag
  • Bunker Compact inc G/S and pegs approx. 10.5kg
  • Bunker Compact without G/S approx. 8.3kg

    Dimensions: 260cm x 215cm x 120cm

    Cyprinus ® Bunker Compact Bivvy

    Designed for the weekend angler in tight swims and allows for the freedom of mobility on the bank. As the name suggests, the Cyprinus ® Bunker Compact is a bivvy that combines a small footprint with a minute pack-down size. It offers dimensions of 260cm x 215cm, which ensures that you can pitch up in next to no space – allowing you to tackle those smaller and forgotten about swims with ease. It’s also only 120cm tall. Although you’ll struggle to stand up in this bivvy, it ensures that you have ample headroom when seated and also allows you to pitch in among low hanging foliage, too. What’s more, an adjustable tension strap allows you to further lower the profile of the bivvy, enabling you to squeeze it into the most petite spaces. Adjustable pegging points at the front of the bivvy also allow you to reduce the footprint, even more, enabling you to create a completely flat fronted bivvy that takes up a minimal amount of space.

    The Cyprinus ® Bunker Compact Bivvy is manufactured from Cyprinus ®’s specialist Hydro-Tec material, which comes in a new rip-stop form. This not only means that this bivvy is exceptionally durable, but it also ensures that it is breathable as well as waterproof. After all, what good is a 20,000mm hydrostatic head rating if you’re going to send up sodden from night-time condensation? Hydro-Tec fabric minimises the risk of condensation, keeping you dry all day and all night – no matter the conditions. The bivvy offers a huge amount of versatility and it has three-door panel options. The first of these is the standard solid Hydro-Tec, which is completely waterproof and offers maximum privacy. The second is clear PVC, which maintains the bivvy's waterproof rating whilst also allowing light in. This is the ideal option for those rainy days when you want to see what is going on outside without being sat with the door wide open. The final option is the mozzie mesh. This is perfect for warm summer nights when bugs are rampant and the need for ventilation is paramount. All three of these door options come with double zip, which means you can open them in a letterbox style should you so desire.