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Carpstar Snug 4/5 Season XS Peach Skin


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The Snug XS, as it easily out performs most other bags costing twice the price.

The Snug XS, measuring 90cm wide and 220cm long, includes a high grade silicone-treated hollow fill fibre. This means that when the bag is rolled out, the fibres expand to trap air helping you stay warm in all weather conditions. The silicone treatment also means the fibres keep expanding after many uses, ensuring it performs to its optimum when other bags start to sag.


  • Off set panelling construction prevents heat loss through stitch lines.
  • Ultra soft polyester peach skin material for extra comfort.
  • Reinforced Oxford Nylon xxx denier base.
  • Elasticated hoods top and bottom with central fixing to bedchair.
  • Heavy duty anti-snag internal zip baffle.
  • Internal and external draft proof baffles.
  • Double 10mm quick release zips.
  • Stuff bag.