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Cyprinus ® Carp Fishing Barrow

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Brilliant Value Barrow

Folds completely flat in seconds.

Excellent value for money carp barrow designed to make getting all your kit to your swim easy.

  • Brilliant new features to maximize maneuverability., weight ratio and price.
  • Aerospace Grade materials utilized to give a super strong chassis, designed for lugging maximum loads long distances through all types of terrain.
  • Adjustable front and side bars for flexibility and functionality.
  • Handy under barrow storage bag.
  • Mud feet to ensure the barrow does not sink when stopped.
  • Adjustable handles
  • Removable non-flex handle assembly.
  • Adjustable rod holdall rest
  • Approximate Dimensions: 60cm(W) X 77cm(L) – Extending to 82cm(W) X 105cm(L)
  • Approximate Weight: 13kg