The Cyprimax 1 man & 2 man bivvy from Cyprinus is one of the best performing bivvies on the market. As its high price suggests it truly is a top quality bivvy made to the absolute highest standards with Cyprinus' unique breathable and ultra waterproof Hydro-Tec™ material, Cyprinus have exclusive use of their Hydro-Tec material in the angling industry, not only is it completely waterproof and breathable but it also retains its tension in any weather and temperature. It naturally excludes any moisture from entering into the bivvy but also utilises the water to lubricate its membrane. Unlike inferior fabric it won't loosen when wet which can create condensation but as said before it will retain its natural tension.

The Cyprimax is certainly not a bivvy aimed at the starter or beginners market and is a serious piece of kit that serious anglers can buy to provide themselves with complete protection from the outside and breath ability within. The porch area will stop water drip-page to the main entry and it's twin skinned as a standard on its inner capsule to help eliminate condensation.


  • Height: 144cm (One man) / 158cm (Two man)
  • Width: 300cm (One man) / 325cm (Two man)
  • Depth: 255cm (One man) / 295cm (Two man)

  • Details

  • Manufactured with Cyprinus' own 'Hydro-Tec' material
  • 100% waterproof and breathable
  • Can be used with the capsule or without for ease of transportation
  • Double strength pegging points with elasticized tensioners
  • Mosquito panel on the inner lining and roll up or removable clear window option
  • Supplied with a tough carry bag, pegs and extra heavy duty ground sheet

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