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Cyprinus™ DPM Camo Skull Cap which fits the Trakker © Tempest V2 Brolly

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Designed by Cyprinus® specifically for the Trakker® Tempest V2 Brolly


  • Designed to give the Tempest V2 Brolly a peak
  • Reduces condensation, increases shade
  • Clips are easy to fit and can be left in place
  • Dual rod straps
  • Rain gutter
  • Drawstring carry bag
  • All fixtures and fittings are included


  • Technical Specifications:
  • Material: 20,000HH HydroTec® Material (Same as Aquatexx®)
  • Weight: 0.8kg

  • Accessories made by Cyprinus®  specifically made to fit the Trakker® range of products.  All materials used are the same as the original Trakker® products and all products have been checked for compatibility.
    *TRAKKER/TEMPEST is a registered trademark of Cipher
    International Limited. Use of this trademark does not imply any affiliation with or
    endorsement by Cipher International Limited.