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Cyprinus® Overwrap Fits Trakker ® Tempest V2 Air DPM Camo

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This is the overwrap for the Trakker® Tempest V2 Air made by Cyprinus®


The Tempest Air Wrap converts the best-selling Tempest Air and Tempest Air v2 shelters into all-season bivvies. This wrap is guaranteed to protect you from whatever Mother Nature throws at you without too much weight gain. This wrap has a super-snug fit and packs down into its own compact zipped carry bag.

Great for summer use to keep the mozzies at bay or for winter use where a twin-skin solution is required to eliminate condensation.

Made with 20,000 HH Hyrdotec® material, the same as the Trakker Aquatexx® material

Please note: The Tempest Air Wrap cannot be used in conjunction with the Tempest v2/Air Skull Cap. When attempting to fit the wrap to a Tempest v2 that has previously been fitted with a Skull Cap, the Skull Cap clips must be either completely removed from the frame or swiveled around the pole so that the protruding edge is facing inwards, to prevent potential damage from occurring to the Wrap.


Accessories made by Cyprinus® are specifically made to fit the Trakker® range of products.  All materials used are the same as the original Trakker® products and all products have been checked for compatibility.
*TRAKKER/TEMPEST is a registered trademark of Cipher
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