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Cyprinus ® DPM Skull Cap Fits Trakker ® Tempest Advanced 100 Bivvy

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Made by Cyprinus® To Fit The Trakker® Tempest® Advanced 100 Bivvy
Create a peak to the front of your Trakker® Tempest® Advanced 100 Bivvy, giving greater protection from the rain, without compromising your vi

ew of the lake by using the Tempest® Advanced 100 Skull Cap by Cyprinus®.
Not only will the Skull Cap give additional protection from the weather, but it also adds a second skin to the top of the shelter, which combats condensation and retains heat.
Unlike a full overwrap, it can be left in place when the bivvy is packed down.

  • Made with Cyprinus® Hyrotec® Material (the same as Aquatexx®)
  • All fixtures and fittings come included

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