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CAMO4 55" Helios Carp Fishing Brolly

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Cyprinus™ 55" CAMO4 Helios Carp Fishing Brolly with Space Saver frame...

The CAMO4 Helios is built around a ninth rib system that gives unrivalled cover for the front of the shelter. The performance-grade Hydro-Tec® material is the best on the market and has a hydrostatic head rating of a huge 20,000. Comes with extended storm sides and built onto a 55” hi-tensile powder-coated steel frame.


  • Massive 20,000 HH Waterproof Rating
  • Unlike similar brands the Cyprinus™ CAMO4 Helios complete with the groundsheet
  • Space Saver frame system
  • Ninth rib system
  • Now with high-performance Heavy Duty CAMO4 Hydro-Tec Material
  • Multi directional machined brass storm caps
  • Extended storm sides
  • Hi tensile powder coated steel frame
  • All 4 rear spars touch the ground
  • Machined aluminium bell cap with tie down ring
  • Rod retaining straps
  • Comes complete with pegs and a lightweight storage sleeve
  • Brolly weight 4.5kg
    1350mm (h) x 1850mm (d) x 2480mm (w)
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