Base Camp Flatbed Camouflage Bedchair - Standard

£239.99 £119.99
Built on our superior ‘ultra-lightweight’ Black anodised aluminium frames. Super strong yet super lightweight'

Cyprinus have developed this stunning range of new Base Camp Flatbeds. They come in three sizes, with the compact version weighing in at just 6.5kg. The standard version tips the scales at only 7kg, and the wide bedchair comes in at 7.5kg, making them the lightest of their kind on the market!

These are seriously comfy bedchairs, enabling you to get a great nights sleep (carp willing!). What's more the central area is completely elastic-free to eradicate mattress sag, and give improved lumbar support.

Each Flatbed is kitted out with a fleece-lined mattress and generously padded pillow.


  • Extremely ligthweight black anodised aluminium frame
  • Built in generously padded pillow
  • Elastic free central area to reduce sag
  • Very lightweight ranging from 6kg to 7.5kg depending on size
  • Comes with clamp to hold bed together when packed away.
  • Adjustable legs for uneven banks


  • Wide Version Size = 2150mm long x 1000mm wide
  • Standard Version Size = 2150mm long x 860mm wide
  • Compact Version Size = 2000mm long x 780mm wide
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