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Cyprinus Carp Fishing Technology

Auction for Cyprinus CapWrap Skull Wrap for Typhoon or Typhoon Storm GREEN or Trakker Tempest

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Transform your Typhoon Storm into a double-layered shelter, with the "Cap-Wrap", which almost eliminates condensation and offers extra protection from the elements by creating an overhang on the front of your bivvy.


Its extended sides and back provide full double layer coverage from top to bottom. 

The Cap-Wrap can be easily installed in seconds via a system of spigots on the three front masts. It is then simply secured with sardines around the bivvy. 

It has rear openings at the back to allow air to circulate through the shelter in hot weather which in turn will help reduce the temperature in the summer. 

It also includes two velcro straps for convenient and secure placement of your rods and comes with a water drainage gutter.


⭐ Designed specifically for the Typhoon Storm Bivvy
⭐ Offers better protection from the elements
⭐ Reduces condensation and increases shade
⭐ Gutter against water
⭐ Easy and quick to assemble
⭐ Double straps for the rods
⭐ The ventilation system helps air circulation, reducing condensation
⭐ 10,000mm HH Hydrotec fabric - Super waterproof, breathable, and hydrophobic
⭐ Supplied with a zipped bag


    Material: HydroTec
    Weight: Approx 4.75kg
    Transport size: 68 x 40cm