Storm Vs Typhoon

typhoon vs storm

The main differences between the Storm and the Typhoon bivvies are as follows: The Storm uses a 210D 10,000 HH material.  Very waterproof and lightweight.  The Typhoon however uses the HydroTec© material which comes in at 20,000HH and is largely considered the best on the market. The "Block System" on the Storm is a lighter weight version, still very strong and durable, however on the Typhoon it is 100% machine grade aluminium and strong as an Ox. The Storm has an option to hang an inner vapour shield which can be bought separately.  With the Typhoon it comes as standard. Both bivvies have a zip in ground sheet.  The Storm has a full set of anti twist poles, The Typhoon is supplied with regular poles but is also supplied with 2 front anti twist poles should you wish to change them (very easy to do). Both bivvies come with tension poles and a carry bag as standard. Basically the Storm is a slightly less hardcore system than the Typhoon and will do the job fantastically.  If you are the sort that needs the very best then opt for the Typhoon - it's unbeatable!