Cyprinus Covid-19 3.0 Lockdown Auction Fun

Please only bid if you intend to pay.  Non paid auctions can result in your account being disabled and you no longer being able to take part in future auctions or being able to purchase from our site.
VERY IMPORTANT:  We get a lot of people missing out on the auctions by £1 or so and come to us to see if we can still sell it to them.  The answer is NO!  You can however put on a PROXY BID at any time during an auction.  By doing so, you can relax as the computer will bid on your behalf up to that amount that you entered for your proxy bid.  It will only bid up if someone is actively bidding against you.  This is the best way to get the item at the price you are willing to pay.  Of course, if someone has a higher proxy bid then they will win - but that of course is the nature of auctions.

 All live auctions can be found on this page.  Please allow a few seconds for the auction widget to kick in. Once the auction ends it will no longer show.

If there is nothing showing then we have no live auctions running.  Keep coming back as we run auctions every day.

You will need to sign in to your account to take part.  If you do not have an account you can create one here 

These auctions are running because of the virus.  They are designed to give us all some fun.  The customer often gets better prices, and we get to keep our stock turning over in these difficult times.  We cannot afford to run them forever and so we reserve the right to stop them at any time.


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