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How do we do it?
We Own The Factory

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Our Factory

“We cannot be beaten when it comes to price and quality”

Why?  Simple.
We own the factory.  All of our products are made in house and built to the same exact standards we've been achieving over the last 20 years.  Think of any brand in the carp bivvy world and the chances are - we make it.

Our Story

Andrew started Cyprinus many years ago with the intention of offering high quality products at more affordable prices.  That was nearly 20 years ago now and since then he still follows the same principle.

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Our mission

Our aim is to continue down the same simple road.  Make quality products, offer best in industry customer service and do all that for considerably cheaper than our competition.

If you are a customer - thank you! 

If you're not, then come see what you're missing.

Why buy from us?  ave some cash

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Best Service

We have what is largely recognised the best customer service in the industry

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Best Prices

No body comes close, like for like, when it comes to price.  They simply can't, as we own the factory

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Best Products

All of our products are built to the highest quality possible - guaranteed!

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