Magmatex Single 5 Season Sleeping Bag

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5 star living on the bank

Experts said it was impossible to get a pro, proper 5-season sleeping bag without a payday loan. But hail the new Cyprinus Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag

Every time you load the motor ready for your trip on the bank, there are literally stacks of items key to that session being a successful and perhaps, more importantly, a pleasant one. In other words: there are those items of kit that your catch-rate depends on – sharp hooks etc. – and those that your enjoyment, and sometimes sanity, rely upon. A good shelter is one and a decent sleeping bag to prevent you from freezing your balls off in winter or sweating like you’re dressing in a neoprene onesie in the summer is another. Alternating between two bags has often been the money-burning answer so what you really need is a bag that can cover every stage of the year. Enter the Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag from Cyprinus…

How can one sleeping bag be suitable for both summer and winter? Well, the answer is quite simple really: the Magmatex 5 Season Sleeping Bag is literally two bags in one and the result is double the layers of warm, comfortable insulation. That means twice the amount of fill (high-grade hollow fibre) that provides the bag with a 5 season rating, capable of taking on the harsh, freezing temperatures you’ll encounter through the colder months.That sounds great for winter but I’ll cook in summer… Easy tiger, we’ve not finished! The great thing about the Magmatex bag is that the inner bag can be removed from the outer for warmer weather conditions. This reduces the layers and lowers the rating down to 3 season – ideally suited to the warmer nights of summer. If you prefer it, it’s also possible to lie in between layers or between the nylon fabric layer and the super-soft micro fleece.

It seems like a good idea but it does sound a bit complicated. Not at all! Removing the inner bag couldn’t be easier: simply zip it out and when the colder months return, just zip the inner bag back in to reinstall the 5 season rating – what’s complicated about that?!Don’t talk to me about sleeping bag zips: they don’t last five minutes when you bust out the bag for a take – and they let the cold in! This certainly isn’t the case with the Cyprinus Magmatex. The 12mm high-grade ‘crash zips’ simply glide down the zip track to ensure a smooth and speedy exit from the bag – even when the thrill of a take has the adrenalin pumping. As for the cold, internal and external ‘draught-proof’ baffles make sure that the snug temperature held within the bag is maintained.

What about the material – what’s the bag made of? The inner layers of the bag are made from nylon and soft fleece with a hollow fibre fill and for the outer, Cyprinus have utilised the ‘Hydro-Tec’ fabric. This super-cool material is breathable but totally waterproof with a 12000mm Hydrostatic head, so when you return to your bivvy after, say being outside in the rain, you can sit on your bed without turning it into a soggy tea bag – the water will just run off. How big is the bag – I have a pretty big bedchair. The Magmatex bag is a large 90cm wide and 200cm in length, so easily big enough to sit comfortably on most large bedchairs. An adjustable strap runs under your bed from the middle of the bag and hoods at each end fit over the bedchair to ensure the bag is securely fixed to your bedchair. As for the weight, it comes in at 5.8kg.

This all sounds good – anything else I should know? That’s pretty much the sum of it, apart from the bag comes complete with stuff bag, and the fact that this bag will keep you comfortable at any time of year! Oh, and it’s pretty damn cheap, too…