Stephen Siddall and his Storm with a awesome 23lb 13oz Carp – Cyprinus Carp Fishing Technology

Stephen Siddall and his Storm with a awesome 23lb 13oz Carp

After fishing carp fishing since 1996 and never catching a 20lb or over carp I finally caught one! I pitched up in my Cyprinus Storm Bivvy, set up my rods and got ready for my 48hr session. It was an in different weather conditions and being the ever optimist, I wasn't very optimistic in hitting the magic 20lb. I casted out all three rods and sat and waited inside my lovely Storm Bivvy, all cosy. Not long after my right rod screams off, it felt good, it felt very good! It took me into the cabbages and snags I wrestled and played it for 10 minutes and I finally landed it, a beautiful common, and I was excited as I looked at it I could see it was a good one. I got my scales and she came in at 23lb 13oz. I couldn't believe it finally after 25 years of carp angling I done it, I broke the 20lb, I was elated. Thanks Cyprinus for keeping me snug whilst on my fishing sessions. Attached my view from my Cyprinus Storm, my rods and most importantly my catch.


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Just read your story Steve well done mate it all comes to he who waits I’ve been carping since the 80s my pb is 39 12 been trying for a 40 for as many years but if I can help you in Any way please drop me a line. Bill🎣🎣

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