James Foster whilst fishing with his Cyprinus Storm bivvy

Having only just taken up carp fishing and on my second trip out using the storm i thought it would be a good idea to use a cheap £8 stove with a butane gas bottle attached to the side until i could get something better. It was mid winter with my overwrap on and i had just cooked myself a steak with the door zipped halfway down. I had forgot to boil myself some water for my water bottle before zipping down both doors for the night. Knowing full well the dangers of lighting a stove in a sealed bivvy and not wanting to unzip both doors again letting in all the cold and rain, I thought id chance it. As you'd expect from a cheap stove it didn't want to light first time and continued to leak gas. After a few attempts of clicking the ignition it finally lit but not before going up in flames right in my face. Having singed parts of my eyebrows and eye lashes i looked down to see the stove was still lit but the whole stove had caught fire too. In a mad panic thinking the gas bottle was going to explode i quickly jumped up, unzipped both doors on one side before grabbing the stove with one hand and throwing it out into my peg. I then kicked the stove into the lake and looked back to see smoke coming out of my bivvy. Luckily only a bag of rubbish and the back of my boots had burnt. Some how the storm had survived with no damage at all. I was then out in my waders with a headtorch on at 10pm with water up to my chest to retrieve the stove. Shortly afterwards it was in the bin and I invested in a ridgemonkey (which lights on que) and the gas bottle well away from any flames. I was very lucky it wasn't worse and I definitely won't be making that mistake again. Moral of the story never buy a cheap stove and always make sure its well vented 😂.
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